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  • Are you scared of being called out for being racist? Pull up a chair and have a LATTE   Recently, I held the co-founders of an organisation accountable for racially


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1 thought on “Lets Talk Race over a LATTE”

  1. Hi Arit, I read your interesting article in Coaching Perspectives and Hetty Einzig suggested I contact you. I am a white South African and have spent a lot of time and emotional energy on the issue of racism. Over the past few years I found that I was taking time a bit of out from the internal searches regarding my own racism however, like you when George Floyd was killed, it ignited me. I realised there was a new take on the issue, and Robin DiAgelo’s ‘White Fragility’ became the book I wanted to be with a lot!
    I have always known that the coaching space has been dominated by whiteness yet I have colluded in the silence about it. My contact with Hetty was about the question ‘How can we raise the issue of anti-racism within the coaching space and find change on how white coaches see it?’ Having pondered over it some more, my thought is perhaps approaching it through a corridor where (in particular) white coaches can explore it without a sense of judgement and become intrepid travellers through this journey of change, might be a better way. I am hoping that you and I can talk about it some more and maybe get a few coaches together to start a bigger conversation on it; it would be great if you contact me about it. I look forward to hearing from you about it. Fenella

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