One-to-one career coaching that's built around you

Discover your purpose and go after it with confidence

Are you ready to make a career change or start moving up the ladder?

Do you dislike your current role, but feel unsure about what you want to do next?

Do you want to make an impact doing something you enjoy in a company that values what you bring to the table? 

With one-to-one career coaching, you'll…

  • Develop a plan for your career 
  • Review your strengths, skills and experience
  • Increase your focus
  • Grow in confidence
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Take productive steps
  • Improve your job search and interview skills 

My career coaching programme involves…

A personal, soulful, and uplifting coaching plan that's been designed to help you figure out your why and learn how to apply it.

The programme typically includes:

Option 1 - Platinum

  • 5 x 60-minute sessions.  Further sessions can be booked, if you feel you need them
  • Completion of a coaching information pack  before you begin so I can learn a little more about you and get clear on what you hope to achieve with coaching 
  • Sessions can be booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly - it's up to you.  I can be flexible with the time of the session 
  • At the start of each session, we will set an intention for our time together.  You'll leave each session with key actions, which we review at the start of your next session.  Everybody is different and sometimes what you thought you wanted out of the coaching changes, which is fine 
  • At the end of the coaching, we reflect on where you started and what you have achieved.  It's important to celebrate your success

Appointments will be either virtually or face to face.  The investment in your future is £950 (plus VAT).

Option 2 - Gold

  • 1 x 60-minute coaching session
  • You will be issued with the coaching information pack referenced above to help you get clear on what you hope to achieve during the coaching
  • At the start of the session, we will agree on what you want to achieve as a result of the coaching. We will set some clear actions for you to take
  • At the end of our time together, we will review the session and make sure you got out of it what you needed
  • You are more than welcome to book follow up sessions if you choose, however, there is no obligation

Appointments will be held virtually.  The investment in your future is £200 (plus VAT).

Whichever option is better suited to you, this is how you'll build a brighter future:

1. Be the architect

Explore your current options, get clear on what you want, unpick negative beliefs that are holding you back, and develop the confidence to move forward. 

2. Lay the foundations

Learn how to focus on your strengths, talents, and values, and learn new skills and techniques for effective job searching. Develop a plan that'll help you achieve your goal, whether that's a promotion, a new role, or a move to self-employment.

3. Add bricks and mortar

Create a stand out CV, optimise your LinkedIn profile to make it visible in searches, and develop other digital assets to build up your brand. Learn how to network for success and get proactive job search tips for finding junior to senior-level roles.

Career coaching is for you if…

  • You've been stuck in a rut, and you're ready to make some changes
  • You're not sure which path to take, but you know you want to move forward
  • You have a destination in mind, but you need a plan to help you get there
  • You're looking for more than just a job. You want to make a difference
  • You're open to new ways of thinking, doing, and being
  • You want to be challenged, and you're committed to self-development
  • You want more from life, and you're ready to make it happen


"After a career session with Arit, I left feeling more confident in my strengths; more aware of the negative impact my mindset and the language I use has been having in stopping me from dreaming and dreaming big; and a reminder of goals and the power of timing. I'd highly recommend a group or one-to-one career session with Arit."

– Emma Frampton

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